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The year 2016 has been quite historical for Great Britain, due to the question that this country has settled regarding whether it should remain within the European Union or not. There has been lots of confusion, but in the end, things have turned out the way that British people wanted. The decision has been quite hard, but as a result, the UK decided to leave EU. Is this a good decision or a bad one? Take a look at the following pros and cons, and you can draw your own conclusion.


No More Membership Costs
: This is certainly one of the best advantages. It means that there is no need to pay for the European Union membership fee anymore.

Very Low Supermarket Costs: This is absolutely great due to the fact that UK will actually save the British household with nearly £1.000 per year.

Safe Immigration: Controlling and regulating the immigration of individual is a fantastic thing that this country will be able to do in the future, and this will definitely increase safety. This type of control will have without a doubt a positive impact in the future.

Free of Charge International Trade : Accessing the international trade deals will certainly not be a problem for this country anymore, due to the fact that it can independently do this. Negotiating new deals will also be quite easy, and goods can be moved freely.

No More Strict Laws : All the companies from the United Kingdom will no longer have to follow all the strict laws that were set by the European Union.


Less Influence : Taking part in the European Union’s decisions will be limited from now on, and this is certainly a negative result.

Less EU Workers : Individuals from the EU will not be able to live and work in Great Britain as easy as it was a few years ago. This is quite a disadvantage and it will probably affect the country in the future more than politicians expect. Also, most of the people from other countries will not have the chance to work in such a developed country, and this will be, without a doubt, very disappointing for them.

Negative Impact on the Economy : Since not so many foreign individuals will be able to come and work in the UK, the impact on the economy will surely be a negative one. There will also be quite hard raising funds for any type of development.

Low Investment Fee : This is another disadvantage that will affect this country. There are lots of jobs out there due to trade with the European Union, which makes the United Kingdom receive an investment of nearly £70 from the European Union.

Negative Impact on the Import and Export : This is another negative thing for UK. Around 50% of the UK’s import and export will be lost, and this will, again, affect the economy.

A Big Responsibility in Terms of Human Consumption : The UK will have to set policies in the future, in order to protect human consumption.

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