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Reports show that in UK, one in six people in Parliament had to deal at some point with sexual harassment, which is certainly not something that England can be proud of. Unpleasant situations like this are certainly everywhere in the world. Believe it or not, this is what happens in nowadays politics. Here is more information about the harassment in UK politics.

Harrassment in UK politics

As mentioned earlier, there has been a shocking report that revealed that in the last year, one in six people in British Parliament have experienced sexual harassment. Those who suffered sexual harassment or bullying are not only women, but men as well. It seems that 45% of them were women, and 35% were men, which is quite surprising. If an unpleasant situation like this happens, there are sanctions such as mandatory training, apologies that must be written, suspension, or even the recall of an MP, which can surely affect the future electoral campaign. However, all the complaints must be seriously handled by a specialist in order to get to a correct result. Complainants can choose to remain anonymous, if this is what they want. In case the press find out about a sexual harassment in the political area, it can quickly and easily transform a situation like this into a media ‘’witch-hunt’’. In some cases some politicians lye about this sort of things in order to win the electoral campaign. This is why it is very important that a specialist take over the case. In 2017, Kate Maltby accused Damian Green, the former Cabinet minister, of a very inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. The result of this case was his resignation as the First Secretary. His image was definitely affected, and people started to dislike him. He obviously denied everything, but unfortunately for him, the Cabinet Office Inquiry found Kate Maltby extremely plausible.

Situations like this are not good for the country’s political image, not to talk about those politicians who are accused, and who cannot inspire trust for people anymore, and most of them will probably not get any vote in the future. Therefore, their career can be seriously affected. Nowadays, people want to become politicians due to the fact that they think they could do whatever they want, even though this is not true. They don’t even take into consideration the fact that making a mistake such as harassment can definitely lead to a negative impact on their job. However, England is without a doubt a country that is in a continuous development and which can make lots of amazing things in the future, but if the press continues to write about this type of situations, the British politicians will not inspire trust anymore and the impact on the country will surely be a negative one. Scandals like these must certainly be avoided, and harassment in UK politics should not exist anymore in order to not affect the image of the country and lose the trust of people who are voting for those politicians.

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