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In the past few years, there have been many terrorist attacks around the world, especially in UK. This is definitely not something that affects only people, but the country itself as well. For more information about  the terrorism impact on the travel industry, continue reading this article.

England and Tourism Over the Years

England, and especially London, is without a doubt an amazing place to visit. People all around the world have been here at least once, and most of them come back for the second, third time, or even more. There are without a doubt  many attractions that you can see and many things you can do, especially in London, that you can never say you are bored, or that you have seen everything. English people have a quote that sais ‘’If you are bored of London, it means that you are  bored of life’’, and this is without a doubt very true. Furthermore, there are lots of people who choose to work in England, due to the large range of jobs you can find here, and decent salaries as well. There are certainly many things you can do and see in England, not to talk about the people who are very welcoming and warm. All in all, tourism in UK has brought a lot of money to this country over the years, and the impact has always been a positive one on the economy. However, things started to change quite a lot since the terrorist attacks have taken place, and people all over the world started to think twice if it is a good idea to visit UK or choose another destination where they could feel safe.

Terrorism Impact on the Tourism in UK

Terrorism is certainly something that should not exist, but unfortunately, it does, and what police can do is to try end prevent this type of attacks. Returning to our subject, the terrorism impact on the travel industry in UK has definitely been a negative one. There have been some massive attacks in Manchester and London as well, which created panic not only for British people but for foreign as well. Therefore, lots of them who actually planned to visit Great Britain, change their plan and went somewhere else.

In all the terrorist attacks lots of innocent people have died, and this has affected England in many ways.  Attractions in the capital of England, London, such as the well-known Madame Tussauds museum, noticed a softening in demand after all those horrific attacks. Each attack that took place within UK,  certainly had a negative impact on bookings, and the number of tourists went down quite a lot in 2016 and 2017.

However, this happened recently after the terrorist attacks. Today, tourism is surely recovering and  increasingly more people all around the world choose again England as the place where they want to spend their holiday. Hopefully, terrorism will be stopped in the future, so that people can safely walk through the most amazing cities in the world without fearing for their lives.

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